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Little Bug Adventure Books

Little Bug Adventure Books is an educational website that helps teachers and parents plan exciting educational units for their children. Little Bug Adventure Books compiles work from teachers with decades of experience in classroom instruction. Most of the units do not require photocopies and allow the students to use their imagination. Read about our products and see samples at our Products page. Thank you for your interest in Little Bug Adventure Books!

"The kids loved drawing and telling their own stories. It was such an easy lesson. I just told the story from pictures I drew on the board. Then my kids chose to either try to copy the story I told or wrote their own. The comprehension cards helped with our state testing scores. I feel my kids learned so much. Keep up the adventure stories. How about one about space?" - Andrew
"Creative Writing Adventures was so much fun. I have been looking for one lesson that every student can do. My class had fun and I felt each student was challenged. After the students told their stories to the class, they played the games they made to go with their stories. We covered so much material. My principal loved it. The parents were thrilled to see how creative their children could be. Thank you for making writing fun and easy for all my students." - Susan, Huntsville, AL
"I never believed my kindergarten students could draw and tell their own story. It was the perfect activity for parent's night. We loved making the dream catchers." - Angela, Atlanta, GA

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Feel free to email the author with any questions you may have about one of our educational products. Support is by email and will be answered ASAP.