CWA - The Indian Adventure DVD

Creative Writing Adventures The Indian Adventure DVD

Format: DVD
Run Time: 16 minutes

Creative Writing Adventures instructional DVD shows teachers how to teach PreK- 8th grade students to write long adventure stories using pictures. It also shows teachers how to teach summaries, outlines, written stories, comprehension questions with answers and a game using pictures and / or words.

Three Year Old videos

1.) Picture Storytelling (Modeling)
2.) Picture Writing
3.) Picture Storytelling

1. Picture Storytelling (Modeling)

Teacher models a complex adventure story with ten scenes.
Each scene having a problem and a solution.

2. Picture Writing (3 year old draws her own adventure story)

Author draws pictures of her story in sequence.
Dividing a paper into four horizontal parts.
The author draws scenes above the fold telling her own adventure story.
Each scene has a problem and a solution.

3. Picture Storytelling from a 3 year old

A three year old telling her own Indian adventure story from pictures she has drawn in sequence.
Teacher aids author has she changes lines because she is learning to read left to right.

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